#1 Best Selling book on Amazon

It’s a practical, easy to use, and effective tool to help the reader overcome the obstacles and the sticking points that they haven’t, until this point, been able to overcome to achieve the things that they have always wanted in life.

It also is a story about my journey in life and the battle between the super hero and villian that both reside inside each and every one of us fighting and jockeying for power of our minds, decisions, actions, and ultimately our results in life.

Life is all about Legacy, but not in the traditional sense of working to leave a Legacy.  Instead, how we can and should ultimately choose to Live Your Legacy.

Along that path and journey of living a Legacy, we will dig into how that concept to Live Your Legacy is born, Legacy’s Secret Weapon, Legacy’s Arch Nemesis, Legacy’s Super Powers, as well as dive deep into the system and tool that will allow you to vanquish the Villain inside all of us once and for all to truly create the life that we have always desired through The 90 Day Lifestyle Roadmap.

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#1 Best Selling book on Amazon

This book will give entrepreneurial men the roadmap to leading a Legacy Lifestyle. It’s simple in nature yet complex in engraining into your daily habits.

This is a guide to weaponizing your body, showing you the way to clarity and headspace, connecting with God or your higher power and to having an epic marriage. You will learn the processes and systems to start repairing your marriage and your relationships with your kids.

You will also get the fire and focus to finance your Legacy through your business. This will lead you to ultimately leave a Legacy that was not even thought possible before picking up this book.

I promise that if you take this roadmap and implement it into your daily life, you will have:
● the body you always desired for yourself,
● clarity and focus throughout your day that you have never experienced before,
● a marriage that is on absolute fire or the courage to change who you are in a relationship with if needed,
● and more growth for your business by leading the Legacy Lifestyle.

2-15-16 Book #1

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Nate Bailey is one of nine lucky authors, in this book, who know what it takes to be ready for opportunity to knock. In their own area of specialty and expertise, these nine authors are masters at preparation. They know what goes into winning. Though considered by many to be lucky, these nine leaders know the facts, and thankfully, they are willing to share. 

Preparation Meets Opportunity

Luck is often what the other person has. That person was in the right place at the right time, won the big contract, knew the right answer, or did what needed to be done. 


But when it is you who are lucky, you know the truth. Luck takes effort. Luck is hard work. Luck involves a lot of previous time and energy, even years of it sometimes, all before that day. 

That is why luck is often defined as the moment when preparation meets opportunity. You have been preparing for a while, and then opportunity knocks. BOOM! 

“You are so lucky!” they say, looking at you with envy. 

Those who call it luck have no idea how much preparation went into it. But you do. You smile. And if they keep calling you lucky, so be it. 

All the while, you keep on preparing for that next moment when opportunity knocks … because you will be prepared!