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Level Up Your Life And Business With Nate Bailey

Have a listen to a Podcast I did with my friend and mentor Mike Agugliaro, The CEO Warrior, on his “Secrets Of Business Mastery” Podcast in August of 2015.

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In this week’s episode of The Secrets of Business Mastery Podcast, Mike Agugliaro interviews Nate Bailey, who is an entrepreneur and owner of multiple investment properties, as well as a CrossFit gym. Nate helps men get the most out of their lives and bodies by leveling up in life and business. During this episode, Mike and Nate discuss the concept of weaponizing bodies, upleveling relationships, the core four, and what Nate learned when he served in Kuwait. 

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is it like to ‘have it all’ when it comes to our bodies?
  • What are the results of your clients after ‘weaponizing their body?’
  • What insight do you give guys who say it’s hard to go to the gym?
  • What is the deal with being addicted to the ‘pump?’
  • What areas are you constantly giving guidance and mentoring on?
  • Give us some insights on upleveling the relationship side of things.
  • What have you learned about business and how it’s changing?
  • What else should the modern day business owner start to think about and pay attention to?
  • If you could rewind time, what is something you would do differently?
  • What were some of the leadership or life lessons you got from serving in Kuwait?

Key Lessons Learned:

Weaponizing Your Body

  • The ‘entrepreneurs trap’ is to feel as if you are the ‘only one.’
  • Without a strong relationship and strong body, your business is going to suffer.
  • The number one thing that most people neglect is the number one thing that controls all, which is health. If health goes, it affects your relationships, business, and wealth.
  • You are going to pay for your health now, or you’ll pay for it later. Either way, you will pay.

Upleveling Relationships

  • Nate also provides mentorship on relationships and business. A lot of people know what to do but are afraid to take the steps to make changes.
  • It’s not good enough for the man to provide financially; there are other needs as a husband and a father and to be present in general.
  • Men need to be clear on what they want and what their wives wants.
  • These conversations are difficult, and people are afraid that they will hear things that they don’t want to hear, and it will change things.
  • Children have a sense of whether their parents are truly connected, so it’s important to be a great model. Children will follow the lead that they have seen.
  • Open and honest communication with a spouse and being on the same page can never be overrated.
  • When people have kids, the attention shifts focus onto them and the marriage can suffer.
  • It’s easy to put the relationship as a number two or three priority when it should be number one

Business Insights & Accountability

  • Being overwhelmed can be paralyzing for a business owner and result in an entrepreneur stopping being productive.
  • Get clear on where you are and where you want to be. Set a plan in place and set daily habits that aren’t overwhelming but productive and get you closer to a target.
  • Constantly take simple daily actions that will mean progressing every day.
  • You have to be proactive; plan your week, guard your time, and don’t let it be stolen.
  • Having accountability groups is a great way to check in and have others ask you the hard questions and not let you slack.
  • People will often be more likely to let themselves down than they are to let others down.

Rewinding Time

  • Nate would have hired support staff earlier on so he could have created revenue and income in the business.
  • It is difficult for people to spend money without the experience of knowing that in the end it will make you more money than it cost you up front.
  • If you have the support, you can get things done that will bring in the money faster.

Leadership & Life Lessons from Serving in Kuwait

  • Nate put his business on hold and left his wife for a year.
  • He was a first lieutenant and platoon leader, and was responsible for 40 men 24/7 for 15 months.
  • Nate learned a lot about working with a group of men and the different personalities that would pop up being around the same people for such a long time.
  • The transition back into civilian life was much harder than Nate expected.

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