Nate Bailey created the Legacy Lifestyle and wrote a book after investing heavily into his life through coaching and mentoring. From the outside looking in Nate was living a Legacy Lifestyle. He was married to a beautiful woman with 3 amazing children. Successful Real Estate Investor and Business Owner. In the Insurance Industry for over 12 years.

Was a Lieutenant in the US Army National Guard. Deployed to Kuwait in 2005-2006. Coached football at a local High School and Community College in Rochester, Mn where he lives. Nate is a born leader. Always stepping up and taking on leadership roles whenever they arise.

From the Inside, the real Truth, was that Nate was hurting. Like many other entrepreneurial men across the country. Loved the idea of wanting to have it all in life, to lead a legacy lifestyle. However, he had no idea how to do it.

For years Nate’s life was a grand façade. Marriage was hanging by threads. His body was out of shape and overweight. Zero connection with God. Juggling Investment Properties, an Insurance Agency, a CrossFit Gym trying to build a financial empire. A financial empire that he had learned this fallacy as a young kid, was how a man measured his level of success by. Thinking that if he could do that, all the other areas of his life would be great as well.

Nate is taking the passion to lead that has always been there to guide, teach, coach, and mentor highly driven professionals and entrepreneurs on how they too can lead a Legacy Lifestyle.

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