The Legacy Lifestyle Podcast Episode #89 Master or Servant Of Your Mind?

Master or Servant Of Your Mind? Do you choose your life in spite of how you feel or the stories you run Do you act based of the things you say that your actually want Or Do you allow the resistance, stories in your mind to control your actions Saying and pretending that you want big things in all areas But proving otherwise, based on your actions Acting as a servant to your mind When put this way, it sounds like an easy choice Choose master and you can have all the grand things that you have always said you wanted Problem is the majority choose comfort and average because its easier and less resistant The beautiful thing is no matter what you have choosen in life this far Each moment in front of us we have a new choice going forward Will you choose to be your own Master or continue on as Servant to Mediocraty? Lt РNate Bailey Leader Of The Legacy Lifestyle  

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