The Legacy Lifestyle Podcast Episode #88 Everyone Wants A Medal, Even Your Kids!!!

Everyone Wants A Medal, Even Your Kids!!! Had a conversation with my daughter the other week about games being meant to Win Then I come home today and my kids are doing a coloring contest My wife is buying some time for herself so she can get dinner ready The timer goes off and my wife tells me Im the judge I immediately go from everyone doesnt get a medal mentality To naturally wanting to tell all three that they did great and they all deserve to win Very weird feeling for me, I am in the boat of you earn what you get Hard work, discipline and dedication reaps the rewards that you want and achieve for My 3 kids are 8, 6, 3.5 When it comes to coloring there are 3 obvious ability levels, so the field is not exactly fair But what in life is exactly fair, right? So, as I had these weird feelings going through me I didnt just hand out a participation medal to everyone, even though I kind of wanted to I declared a Winner, gave some tips and pointers to the Losers on what they can do to improve A hug, and a kiss and told them to keep it up and continue work at it Interesting lesson for myself and the kids and they responded great Lt – Nate Bailey Leader Of The Legacy Lifestyle

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